English for Accounting

The monthly program is going to be published here.

In case you have missed a lesson, you can easily check the activities we have done in class.

Schedule for February 2021

Book: English Grammar in Use, 4th. Edition.


02.02.21 Audios and material sent by e-mail

04.02.20 Activities delayed. Student was absent.






25.02.20 Monthly test 

Schedule for January 2021

Book: English Grammar in Use, 4th. Edition.


21.01.20 Present Progressive Tense using: Where, Why, How, Whom, What for;

Learning and pronouncing the words amortization, depreciation, dividends, interests and amounts. 

25.01.20 Conversation

28.01.20 Monthly test 



Due to the pandemic, our location is at home...But keep yourself learning: Join us online and take advantage of this time! 

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